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The Daughters of the American Revolution

Our Revolutionary Patriots


Revolutionary Patriots Commemorated by the Umpqua Chapter

Humphrey Beckett, MD
Henry Bolton, PA
Casper Branner, VA
Thomas Brock, VT
Benjamin Calhoun, NH
John Calkins Jr, CT
Stephen Capwell Jr, RI
Jonathan Dow, NH
William Gowdy, NC
John Graves, VA
Jarvis Green, VA
Joseph Halsey Sr, NJ
Phillip Hamman, VA
Samuel Henry, VA
Moses Johnson, VT
Isaac Kroeson, VA
Daniel Linder, VA
Thomas Lipscomb, VA
John McMillian, NY
John Melendy, MA
Thomas Melendy, MA/NH
Jordan Mileham, VA
John Jacob Miller MD
James Miller MA
John Orr, PA
Cyprian Parrish, NY
Jesse Peck Sr, CT
Jacob Pickett Sr, VA
Jacob Piercy, PA
Richard Price, VA
Samuel Rouse, VA
Lawrence Shinpuker, NC
George Stripp, PA
John Tolliver (Taliaferro) NC
James Truesdale, NC
Frederick Ware, PA
William Werner Sr, NY
Clement West, NY
Littleberry Witt, VA
Thomas Yale, CT
John George Zeller, PA
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